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10% Off All Red Sea Systems
Hovelock Cascade 3500

Hozelock Cascade 3500
Now £45!

Hovelock EasyClear Filter

Hozelock EasyClear Filter
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AI Hydra

AI Hydra 32
£315 Each
Buy 2 for £600!

PondXpert Gel Balls

PondXpert Gel Balls
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AquaOne Ecoscape Plants

Aquarium Plastic Plants
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Waterlife Pond Additives

Waterlife Pond Additives
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TMC Wave Marine Tank

TMC Wave Marine Tanks
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TMC Wave Marine Tank

TMC Nano Aquariums
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New Livestock

Gold Nugget Plecs now in stock along with many more L numbers.

More tropical stock coming in each week along with our popular Threadfin Rainbows, Kubotai Rasbora and Orange Fire Shrimp

Fluval Aquarium Offer


OUR PRICE £149.50 RRP £199

Whats Included

  • Glass Aquarium with Cover
  • Fully Integrated LED Lighting System
  • Circulation Pump with Output Nozzle
  • Safe, Low-Voltage Transformer
  • Foam Filter Block with Handle
  • Biomax Insert
  • Activated Carbon Insert
Great Offers on Bubble Magus
10% Off Equipment
Fluval Flex 57L + Free Bundle

Fluval Flex 57L + Free Bundle

Included in the bundle:
Fluval T Heater 50w
Fish Net
3 x Fluval Carbon Filter Media Pads
Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Flakes 18g
Fluval Cycle & Aquaplus 30ml

Blagdon Pond Pump Scrappage Scheme

NEW Red Sea 4-Part Complete Reef Care

Red Sea 4 Part Complete Reef Care

Meet the new 4-part Complete Reef Care from Red Sea, providing hobbyists with more convenience at no extra cost, and ensuring optimal coral growth and vivid colors with only one test per week!

Long-term research has revealed that in most reef systems without refugium, the Major, Minor, and Trace elements and even the Alkalinity components are used up in a relatively fixed ratio.

Since Calcium is the key indicator of coral growth, the 4-part program revolves around a single weekly measurement of Calcium, which determines the dosages of all 4 parts.

The new Complete Reef Care is available in 3 sizes, to fit all system sizes. It is formulated so all 4 parts are used up at the same time, and if supplemented via Red Sea’s ReefDose, the hobbyist needs only to set their Calcium dose and ReefDose does the rest, which is super convenient.

Red Sea 4 Part Complete Reef Care

Small 150L

Medium 300L

Large 600L

NEW Red Sea ReefCans

Red Sea ReefCans

Volume 18L, H x W x D 55 x 9 x 44cm

Volume 40L, H x W x D 55 x 17 x 50cm

Are you struggling to find a good spot for your top-off reservoir?

No worries, Red Sea’s new ReefCans contain more RO water while taking up less valuable floor space, and are designed with ReefATO+ users in mind.

The ReefCans 18 & 40 can supply a 200-liter & 500-liter tank with enough RO water for about a week. They have a transparent plastic body with an embedded water scale, can fit in the sump cabinet or behind the tank, and have a separate back opening designated for the ReefATO+ pump, tubing, and power cable, with a cap designed to hold the ReefATO+ siphon breaker.

NEW Fluval Bio-CO2

Fluval Bio-CO2

The Bio-CO2 Pro system combines the safety of biological carbon dioxide production with the convenience of pressurized delivery. Offering simplicity and unparalleled performance in an easy-to-use format, Bio-CO2 delivers reliable and controllable CO2 through the naturally occurring fermentation process. With safe, low-pressure operation, it is the most secure, simple, and environmentally-friendly aquarium CO2 delivery system available.

Bio-CO2 125L

Bio-CO2 250L

Fluval Bio-CO2

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Very nice shop extremely helpful and pleasant staff, healthy looking fish with an impressive variety of coral.


I’m a regular visitor here it’s a family run business,I find them friendly and knowledgeable. There’s always a wide variety of freshwater and marine fish plants and coral to cast your eye over.


Started to visit here regularly got to say best plants I’ve ever brought choice wise staff and owner always friendly, young man helped show me how to glue them and plant them, well done everyone, your efforts are being noticed


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