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Welcome to Mansfield Aquatics

Mansfield Aquatics was established in 2008 and offers an exceptional range of products, services and fish for keen marine, tropical and pond enthusiasts.

We are the one-stop shop serving the Midlands and beyond in all aquatic equipment, products and livestock and have a fully stocked shop based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

  • Pond cleaning service
  • Troubleshooting for new aquariums and ponds
  • On-site water testing and skin scraping
  • Holiday cover for when you are away from home
  • Consultancy for garden centres and aquarium shops

Additional Services

Delivery Service

Delivery service of all livestock and dry goods.

Friendly Advice

Get help in store with purchasing everything from equipment to livestock..

Custom Solutions

Custom built aquariums and cabinets. Equipment bundles and livestock.

Why Choose Us


Visiting a shop with equipped and furnished aquariums – Viewing the livestock, plants and coral, seeing how the pros do things and what they use. It’s not a chore, it’s an outing!


On what livestock can cohabit happily together and what equipment is needed – there’s nothing worse than ordering a part online and when it arrives you realise you needed something extra to make it work. We also spend the time and money researching and testing new products and techniques in store so you do not have to!

Touch and feel

Viewing an item for yourself, holding it, seeing the quality – physically comparing brands. Many cheaper products are made abroad in countries that do not have the same quality control and standards we have in the UK. These products are sold online and may ‘look’ like a good deal but are often in fact poor quality replicas.

Price matched

Many of the products sold at Mansfield Aquatics are actually just as cheap in store as on the Internet, some will be even cheaper!


Take it home there and then, no waiting for deliveries, arranging times when you have to be in. Quite often, when something critical fails in an aquarium it’s a race against time – it’s simple, it’s faster to buy from us.


If for whatever reason you need to return something, Mansfield Aquatics Shop is a much faster and friendlier way of getting things resolved.